Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Home Sweet Home Zine by Andy J. Miller - CONTEST!

Win the first edition by emailing me at what your guess of what the J. stands for in Andy J. Miller. IT HAS TO BE A GUESS, sorry folks who know me personally, you can not win one!

The first person to get it right will win a zine, the first copy, along with the most ridiculous answer, which will win number 2.

One entry per person.

More information on the zine:

Home Sweet Home Zine by Andy J. Miller

As many of you know I recently located back to the USA, my stomping grounds.

To celebrate this move I have made this commemorative zine. Many images inspired by the move and all that comes with assimilating back into the USA culture from my previous 4.5 years in the UK.

We have houses riding bikes, smelly cheeseburgers and bright little Grimace like men! Sure to blow your mind, body and soul!

24 Black and White pages
Multi Color Card Cover
Original Never Before Seen Work

To Buy the zine go to my Etsy.

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