Friday, 26 March 2010

Who I am - What I do

Something that fascinates me is confusion. I sometimes take for granted that people understand me, what I do, and what I am trying to say. However, more often than not I find that things are way more confusing and complex than I realize.

I thought I would just be frank and put this out here. Kind of my manifesto, what I do, what I am trying to do and where other people come in.

I am trying to make beautiful and smart artwork. Sometimes it looks like illustration, sometimes design, sometimes animation and so on and so forth.

I am obsessed with art and making it. I want to do as much art as I can, the most amount of time as I can.

I always want to keep pushing myself to be better at what I do, to create better, smarter, more beautiful artwork.

I want to create artwork that spans all moods and facets of life. Happy and sad. My favorite art spans all emotions and themes in life (Sufjan Stevens to Wes Anderson). This is where I want to be. Skulls to happy faces. All of it.

I am extremely passionate about my work. I want to dive deeper and deeper into my personal voice and develop my designer mind. I watch and listen to lectures day in and day out. I am constantly looking for inspiration and doodling into my sketchbook.

I want to work with all kinds of different clients. I want to do new projects, things I haven't done.

I am very serious about what I do, and I know I have a long road ahead to do these things and to become a great artist. But I am trying to stick to the journey.

Here is where you come in. Comment, let me know what you think. If you have a job you want me to be a part of, shoot me an email : . Questions, comments and concerns are welcome.

Hope this makes some sense.
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