Thursday, 14 January 2010

Gemma Correll - New Sweats

Haha. Sweats. That sounds like a funny word, and sorry Gemma if that is demeaning to your new designs, but after I thought of it I had to use it!

Anyway, Gemma's new 'sweatshirts' for are awesome. I am a huge fan of the non-hooded sweatshirt and these have that old school new school feel all over them!

One of my favorite's from a great internet buddy!


  1. Thanks Andy!
    Good luck with the move on Sunday. We'll be off to the States in just over a week, but sadly not for good.

  2. Oh well! Cool that you are going. Hope you have a blast...if you're ever in the north, we live about 3 hours drive from Chicago and you are always welcome to stay!