Tuesday, 10 November 2009

My Wife's Amazing New Doll

My wife just finished a really big commission for someone's 18th birthday and it looks amazing. The shape of the lion is really great and he's pretty big. The stomach has loads of bits and pieces, like rabbits, hamsters and personal messages. The is what Sophie had to say about it:

'Finally had a day bright enough to photograph my new custom doll. I call him Lionel. Made from both new and recycled fabrics, covered with hand embroidery and applique and comes complete with handmade scarf, felt flower and custom hand embroidered message. His bendy knees mean that he is great at dancing.
Loved creating him...'

To find more pictures and more of her work visit her blog. Also if you really are interested in all things Miller you can also see a photo of our daughter in Sophie's blog flickr sidebar.

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