Monday, 9 November 2009

I Heard That: WHY? - Eskimo Snow

Call me crazy but WHY? is one of my all time favorite bands. Frontman Yoni wolf has such a unique voice (lyrically speaking, not vocallly, although vocally it is unique too). For whatever reason, childhood in the suburbs, growing up on hip hop, born in the midwest, I don't know but something about his music speaks to me more than most other music.
This year WHY? released their new record Eskimo Snow recently, a follow up to last year's amazing Alopecia. They recorded it at the same time as Alopecia but saved these songs for a separate release. It makese sense because this record has a very different feel for a WHY? record, a lot less hip hop and a lot more indie.
I would say I don't love it as much but it has some real gems for sure. My favorite is 'January Twenty Something' and the mp3 is at the bottom of the post, it reminds me a bit of Sufjan Stevens, but with Yoniness. Anyway enjoy, this song is amazing...

WHY? - January Twenty Something

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