Monday, 9 November 2009

Dirty Projectors - Inention live video

I have been totally smitten by the new Dirty Projectors album this year. In fact, my favorite band, Animal Collective came out with possibly their best album this year, and though I will never admit it, my subconscious is desperately begging me to give the Dirty Projector's latest album Bitte Orca the number one spot in my ongoing best album of the year list...but that would be giving up on everything I believe in about music...namely Animal Collective...and I can not, no I will not do such a thing!

Anyway I digress, this video is a great peek into what makes the DP's new album so absofruitly fantabulous. The three part female backing vocals is obviously the key but the amazing guitar riff does help. Plus once you get over Dave Longstreth's weird vocal factor, you can really enjoy how great his songwriting and voice truly are...

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